In addition to ghost immobilisers which you can view here, we can also fit additional immobilisers & alarms to all types of vehicles plant & Vessel. We are authorised dealers for many suppliers & have vast industry knowledge to pass on. We can adapt any system to suit your needs & are not tied to any brand or product.

  • Thatcham 1&2 products
  • Ultrasonic internal protection
  • Duel zone proximity sensors
  • Additional sounders sirens and vehicle light flash warnings and closed loop alarm systems
  • Microwave Sensors - The microwave sensor will detect internal and external movement and can be used to make an audible sound when somebody is lurking about the vehicle.

There are many options available so your best option is to call us and tell us your needs and we can advise you further
Systems from £250 to £650


Classic car security

Cars built before 1999 are unlikely to have any type of immobiliser fitted as standard, we can fit additional protection to keep your asset safe.


Plant and machinery

We can again fit systems that immobilise track and protect your equipment-
Accreditation to the Thatcham insurance approved class P2 if required
Give us a call and let’s talk further


We can fit immobilisers to any type of vessel from a basic immobiliser to a SKI boat to a motor cruiser with multi alarm inputs & GSM dialler
Water is our friend so please get in touch and make us happy!