G5 Vehicle Track

G5 Vehicle Track

£100.00 (inc VAT) Fully Fitted

Our unique non insurance approved fleet monitoring tracker can be fitted to any car HGV, bus, plant or motorcycle. It has the ability to see all vehicles on one handy to use app and set notifications for high speeds, battery low warning, and geofencing so notifies when vehicles leave the office or return home for example. You can also immobilise the vehicle on the phone App yourself at any point so the vehicle will not start and re-immobilise again when you want to be able to start it.

  • Ghost Installationss Own Tracker
  • National Approved Installation Team
  • Choose Installation Date & Time To Suit Your Schedule
  • Pay 0% Finance Over Four Months

Note: You have to be paying a subscription for the tracker to operate

(inc VAT) Fully Fitted


We now offer our very own tracking platform with amazing value if you don’t need a specific insurance approved tracker product and just need a tracking device for your vehicle/HGV fleet/asset monitoring device for peace of mind.

Fully fitted to your vehicle for £199 the device is yours from day one to move to another vehicle if you wish.

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