Scorpion Battery Tracker

Scorpion Battery Tracker

  • No Hassle Installation

£100.00 (inc VAT) Fully Fitted

  • Battery Operated
  • Lasts 1.5 Years
  • Reports Location Regularly
  • Small and Discrete
(inc VAT) Fully Fitted


Unique battery-operated tracker can be fitted by yourself to any car, bike, atv, van, truck, or even placed in a suitcase as it’s very light.

It is set to report once a day at a certain time and then shows the previous 24hours movements.

Scorpion can put the tracker into alert mode if the vehicle is stolen and at that point the tracker reports all the time so asset can be found.

The more times the tracker communicates the more battery it uses.

We can set it to report location every 12 hours and the battery will last 1.5 years.

Great device for plant and machinery or even a backup tracker hidden in the car.

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