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  • VIPER BRONZE with pager remote

    Includes: Entry level alarm system with immobilisation of vehicle. Under bonnet siren (loud multi-tone) Ultrasonic sensors in CAB AND REAR of van  (no warn away) Ignition cut so vehicle Immobilised when the alarm is set. 2 Remote FOBS one with … Read More
  • VIPER SILVER VAN ALARM-Warn Away & Pager Remote

    Our mid range system giving warn away CAB PROTECTION  & REAR PROTECTION  3 Sirens included. Internal duel zone microwave detector IN CAB giving warn away if somebody views through the windows glass at either side at front of van Protection … Read More
  • VIPER GOLD INC G5 Deadlock & Fleet Tracker

    Includes: Our best selling alarm system now  has the G5 DEADLOCK unit incorporated  with fleet monitoring tracking. Its a bespoke system supplied designed and installed only by us just for van owners. Fleet monitoring tracker & notifications so if the … Read More


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Van Security & Alarms

Van Alarms are an essential part of your vans security, some people decide on fitting a van alarm, van door locks or a more robust system, which contains an alarm, immobiliser, van tracker system, phone alert and siren which is the systems we offer and we found that it provides more robust security for your van. A van with no audible siren is a big target for thieves. So having a complete solution will help ensure that thieves think twice before targeting your van.

Most of the vans which we hear about getting broken into have either been broken into on their drive or on the street outside, a large amount of vans are under attack due to advanced lock picking methods and key cloning. It is vitally important to protect your livelihood with an advanced van alarm for total piece of mind.

If you are reading this then hopefully you are being proactive in regards to van security and have not already fallen victim to a continuously rising form of crime that is ruining lives and shows no shortage of stopping. It should come as no surprise that tool theft has increased two thirds since 2015 and over the last 10 years it has accounted for 1 in 7 crimes (they are just the ones reported).

With Police cuts rising and van manufacturers being slow with the uptake of enhanced van security if is left down to you to protect your livelihood and take responsibility for your vans security vulnerabilities. So it is paramount that you look to upgrade your van security, double check your T&C's with your van insurance and ensure that you are doing everything in your power to prevent becoming another victim.

Thieves becoming more sophisticated

You will be well aware of the The ‘peel and steal’ tool theft technique – where a thief applies pressure to the van door with the knees, before ‘peeling’ the door down from the top was behind thousands of van break-ins, but many thieves have now upped their game.

Van Thieves are now using electronic key fobs to break into vans without leaving any signs of damage. This also makes the culprits harder to trace, and also makes life for people like yourself more difficult trying to protect your tools and van contents.

You may of heard of this method as the ‘relay’ method, where two criminals work together, once owill intercept the signal from the owner’s key fob within their house, while the other criminal uses the bought fob to replicate the signal and open the van door. This is how simple the method is.

The cost for these fobs that they use can be bought for as little as £30 on the likes of Amazon and eBay.

Targeting higher-value tools

In another blow thieves are also becoming more aware of the value of tools, and are actively targeting tools that are worth more money, much to the detriment of their owners.

Simply Business analysed over 3,000 tool theft claims and discovered that the average claim for van thefts had gone up by over 15 percent from 2016 to 2017 – with five per cent of claims over £5,000, and some claims as high as £11,000!

This now points to a worrying trend that tool theft thieves are no longer opportunistic, but actively studying and watching vans, in order to steal the most valuable tools.


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Top 10 Van Security Tips

Your Van Security should always be at the forefront of your mind, so wa have put some handy tips below in order to help you protect your tools and equipment.

Van Security Locks

There are many van security locks to choose from, however unlike roof racks, which use the van manufacturers fixing points of the van, van locks require more of a sophisticated installation from a supply and fit expert. Two of the most popular types of van locks are known as van slamlocks and van deadlocks. Van Slamlocks lock instantly upon shutting, which prevent the hassle of removing items with one hand to lock with another everytime you leave your van. Deadlocks however will not lock automatically upon closing as they require the pin to be turned by hand. The benefits of van deadlocks is that they prevent locks from being picked by would be thieves as there is no spring mechanism vulnerability. As vans come in all shapes and sizes, van locks are often based on on the make and model, so look to purchase product which is specifically built for your van.

Van Alarms

The majority of vans will come with an alarm and immobiliser fitted as standard and should be Thatcham category 2 approved – which means that they must have and immobiliser included as part of the alarm system. You need to always check the alarm system that comes with your van, if there is an option to upgrade your van alarm system, then we would always highly recommend this. The more protection your van has the more of a deterrent it will be from van thieves.

Don’t leave your Van unlocked

Although quite a silly bit of advice, we have all heard of stories of people leaving their vans unlocked. Even if you are just popping in someone where for a minute or two this still gives thieves ample time in which to check your glove box or grab some tools. Studies have shown that this kind of vehicle crime now has risen from one in eight incidents to around one-half of incidents’

External Storage Solutions

Ladders on top of your van roof, so investing in a set of lockable ladder clamps will allow you to secure your ladders and make them less appealing to opportunistic thieves. If you regularly carry copper piping and conduit then an external lockable pipe carrier will ensure that these items are safely locked away.

Mark Tools with a UV Pen

A UV pen allows you to mark your tools with an invisible mark, which will then only show up when you put it under a UV light. We would recommend that you put on a unique code, for example a postcode, company name or house number and street address. If the police then recover your tools in the unfortunate event of a van theft then they can use the UV light to reignite you with your tools.

Internal Van Security Measures

Fitting an internal security storage box is a great way of locking away your higher value tools and items. Although the best solution would be to empty your van, we all know after a long days work that may be the last thing on your mind. Investing in an internal security storage box with an integrated lock that can be secured to your van which will help keep your tools and equipment protected.

You could also look to install window grilles, window blanks and bulkheads which would stop thieves from seeing what is inside your van, and the window grille will stop them gaining access to your van once the windows have been smashed.

It’s all about Location

When parking your van always ensure that you are parking it in an area that is as safe as possible. Does the street have street lighting? Is it covered by CCTV? Is it on a busy road or a quiet street? We recommend trying to park your van closely against a wall or back-to-back with another van. If you are parking your van at work or home, then security can be further improved by installing motion detected security lights, lockable gates and/or CCTV cameras.

Know what’s inside your Van

We understand that keeping a record of your tools might be a tricky thing to do, especially if you love tools as much as we do! However keeping a record allows you to keep track of anything, especially if anything should go missing. Record serial numbers for tools, equipment and GPS systems and always make sure that you keep the receipts for insurance purposes in case the worst should ever happen.

Van Insurance

Van security is key, however if your van does get broken into then you need to make sure you are covered and can get back on your feet as soon as possible. Ensure that your van insurance covers you against goods in transit, personal belongings and professional equipment.

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