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Ultimate Security Package

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Ultimate Vehicle Security Package:
Ghost Immobiliser
Scorpion S5 Insurance Approved Vehicle Tracker (RRP £399)
Lifetime Ghost Immobiliser Warranty

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Protection From Key Cloning and Key Theft

The Ghost Immobiliser II by Autowatch is a revolutionary immobilisation to secure your vehicle. The system protects your vehicle from key-cloning, key theft and hacking through a unique pin code that you choose to protect your vehicle.

Essentially the only way someone can take your vehicle with the system is to actually tow it away and they still wouldn’t be able to drive the vehicle.

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We’re the UK’s leading installer of Autowatch Ghost Immobilisers as well as tracking devices

Ghost Installations supply & install a wide range of stolen vehicle trackers from award winning manufacturers. We are fully TASSA and Thatcham approved installers. We don’t ask out engineers to install 10+ trackers a day and rush the jobs we want them to carefully fit the unit in your vehicle and hide it away so it cant be found easily.

See How Easy It Is For Thieves To Steal Your Vehicle

Car theft is a growing problem in the UK with over 48,000 cars stolen in the UK in 2021 alone. One method that thieves are currently using involves purchasing a key coding device from the internet.

The worrying thing about this device is that it costs just £125 to purchase and can be used to complete the theft in less than a minute. When a new key has been coded, the old key is automatically disabled, stopping you from being able to access your car.

The Ghost Immobiliser protects you from this type of theft by enabling you to setup a unique pin code that thieves will not be able to get past.

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What Is The Ghost Immobiliser?

The Autowatch Ghost Immobiliser 2 by Autowatch is a revolutionary immobiliser. The system protects your vehicle from key-long, key theft and hacking through a unique pin code that you choose to protect your vehicle. Essentially the only way someone can take your vehicle with the system is to actually tow it away and they still wouldn’t be able to drive the vehicle.

Autowatch has been providing vehicle security in the UK since 1993. The products are manufactured by their parent company PFK, who are a globally recognised manufacturer and designer of advanced automotive technology. At Ghost Installations, we are a fully registered and Autowatch Approved installer. Additionally, we are also TASSA (Tracker and Aftermarket Security Systems Association) approved. TASSA installation companies have to pass a process of checks (including CRB checks and identify checks) on engineers who install any company credentials.

How does the Ghost Immobiliser Work?

Compared to other security devices the Ghost 2 Immobiliser does not use Led indications or key fobs. The Ghost car security is linked to your vehicles CAN (Control Area Network) system and programmed to protect the vehicle by the entire of a unique PIN code of your choice. This PIN code is then programmed into the vehicle using a series of buttons on your steering wheel or dashboard. This PIN code is then the unique pattern that must be selected before the vehicle can start.

In the last decade thieves have looked to override car security by hacking the OBD (On Board Computer) port. The Ghost Immobiliser is completely undetectable using the diagnostic tools that thrives as there are no radio signals omitted. Many people search for ‘Ghost Alarm’, however the product is strictly an immobiliser.

Additionally, the Ghost Immobiliser is also extremely hassle free, with an accompanying Apple and Android smart phone application which enables you to disarm the car without having the enter your PIN. This simply connects to your car using Bluetooth within a 5-10m range.

We install at a time and place convenient to you

At Ghost Installations we install Ghost Immobilisers across the UK. Your installation will be booked at a time and place that is convenient to you.

Total Vehicle Security Package

Ghost Immobiliser + Scorpion Category S5 Tracker (Includes Lifetime Tracker Warranty) + Thinkware F70 Dashcam

Normal Price: £499.00

Normal Price: £399.00

Normal Price: £225.00

£899 (saving £231!)

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The cost of the Ghost Immobiliser alone is £499, the ScorpionTrack category S5 tracker retails for £399 and the full HD Thinkware F70 Dash Cam retails for £225. Bought separately, the total cost of the security package would be over £1,100!

Thinkware F70 Dash Cam

Normal Price: £225.00

  • Full HD 1080P video @ 30FSP
  • We use this on all our company vehicles
  • Small & discreet dash cam
  • Active impact monitoring
  • View footage

ScorpionTrack S5 Approved Tracker

Normal Price: £399.00

  • 24/7/365 theft monitoring system
  • App shows live vehicle location & history
  • Add immobilisation so no tag no start
  • Use phone as a tag
  • Reduce insurance premium

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Fully Certified Installers

We are proud to be TASSA (The Tracking and Aftermarket Security
System Association), Thatcham and AutoWatch approved installers.

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