Ghost Immobiliser

Ghost Immobiliser

  • No Hassle Installation

£100.00 (inc VAT) Fully Fitted

The Ghost Immobiliser II by Autowatch is a revolutionary immobilisation to secure your vehicle. The system protects your vehicle from key-cloning, key theft and hacking through a unique pin code that you choose to protect your vehicle. Essentially the only way someone can take your vehicle with the system is to actually tow it away and they still wouldn’t be able to drive the vehicle.

  • Car protected with your own PIN code entered via your steering wheel or dashboard
  • Diagnostic tools typically used by thieves cannot detect the system
  • Smart-phone app to make the experience hassle-free
  • Latest technology that uses your on-board CAN network
  • Unique & secure emergency code should the PIN be forgotten
  • No additional fobs included
  • Installed without cutting wire ensuring safer installation
  • Two Years Warranty
(inc VAT) Fully Fitted


How the ghost works

The Ghost Immobiliser stops your vehicle from being stolen by the fact that you have to enter a unique code into the vehicle’s existing steering wheel buttons/controls before the car will move. (Vehicle dependant)

You can choose and change the code at any point and you have the option of having a Bluetooth APP so you don’t have to enter the code as is recognises your phone or tags the same as the S5 trackers.

Can be transferred if you change your car and is a great cost-effective device to stop car theft with no ongoing costs.

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