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How Cars Are Stolen

At Ghost Installations one of the most common questions we get asked is ‘how can I avoid having my car stolen?’. While there is no one answer to that question, being aware of how cars are stolen can help you avoid being the victim of car theft and help you choose the right product.

Our team spends countless hours every month researching car theft and Thatcham hacking methods to keep on top of this ever-changing crime. We also speak to the police to learn what they are dealing with and to share our findings, helping to build a better level of protection for car owners across the UK. We’ve shared the top three ways that car thieves are operating at the moment to help you get a better understanding of what we are dealing with.

Problem One – Coding Devices for Keys

One method that thieves are currently using involves purchasing a key coding device from the internet. These devices are cheap to buy and readily available to anyone that wants to purchase one. Once the device has been purchased, the car thief can then use it to code a brand new key for the vehicle, giving them access to be able to start it and drive away.

To gain the access they need for key coding, thieves tend to use a Turbo Decoder to get into the car. This is a mechanical device that a thief can use by removing the key cap and inserting the Turbo Decoder tool into the lock barrel. Once it has been inserted it can then learn the lock and use this information to open the door in just ten seconds. The worrying thing about this device is that it costs just £125 to purchase and can be used to complete the theft in less than a minute. When a new key has been coded, the old key is automatically disabled, stopping you from being able to access your car.

Problem Two – Break-Ins

Another common problem is when car thieves break into your home or workplace in order to steal your keys and gain access to your vehicle. Break-ins are not only frightening but can be a costly event that causes damage to your property and your car.

Many victims of car theft report that they noticed their car being admired by strangers when they parked it up in the location it was stolen from, meaning that their car was carefully selected by the thief before they committed a crime. Rather than becoming a victim of car theft and a break-in, maybe it is time to install a security device that can stop them in their tracks.

Problem Three – Relay Boxes

Relay boxes are a simple tool that cost around £250 from Amazon and work quickly to gain access to your car. A car thief simply activates the relay box that works to create the same type of signal that your car keys create, allowing them to start and drive your car away without the keys. The worrying thing about these relay boxes is that they can be used wherever your car is located, meaning that your car is at risk in every location.

In addition, there are now long-range relay devices in play, making it easier than ever before for car thieves to make off with your vehicle without you noticing before it’s too late. Many people invest in metal boxes of faraday bags to stop their keys from being accessed via the relay boxes but evidence shows that these are not strong enough solutions.

The Solution You Need

If you are concerned about being a victim of one of these three car theft methods then it’s time to take action. Installing an insurance-approved tracker and immobiliser is a great way to stop a thief before they can take and damage your car.

At Ghost Installations, we work hard to provide our clients with the best and most up-to-date devices so that you can enjoy complete peace of mind when you park and leave your car. Get in touch with our team to find out more and protect your car from thieves today.

How easy it is for a thief to take a vehicle?

How Thieves Are Currently Easily Stealing Vehicles

Remove The Door Cap

This is the cap that goes over the door lock that manually opens the car with the key. Its removed easily by sliding off and uncovering the vehicle lock.

Opening The Door

Shown here is the mechanical device that fits straight into the lock – This learns the lock and opens the door which can be anything from 20 to 30 seconds and costs as little as £199.00.

Coding a New Key

Shown here is the OBD device that once the door is open can be plugged into the OBD socket and codes a blank uncoded (virgin) key to the car in up to 20 seconds.

For the thief the blank, uncoded keys and the key programmer cost just £1500.00 – a worthwhile investment for a car thief who can take multiple cars per night. Unfortunately these are all readily available online with next-day delivery.

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