How Cars Are Stolen

How Keyless Cars Can Be Stolen

Cars are stolen in basically three ways now.

The relay box emulates the car key signal for where it is to the car, so in your house office restaurant or gym the car key signal is sent to the car the doors open and the car starts straight away

Log range relay devices are now in use which makes it easier for the thieves to get your car.

Keeping your keys in the microwave a faraday bag or a metal box doesn’t work effectively enough – Thieves are now using the above methods in bars and restaurants – They watch you park, walk in and sit in the bar by your table or even outside the bar by a window, get a zap off your key and the cars gone…

Thieves can code a new KEY to the vehicle using the OBD diagnostic port which all vehicles have and in 30 seconds the vehicle starts and they have a key to resell the vehicle with and continue to use the car.

All these methods above can be combated by fitting the Ghost Immobiliser.

Why cars are stolen.

Cars are worth more in parts now in the UK and Europe and are the parts are easily disbursed and not traceable which is ideal for thieves.

Diamond cut alloy wheels and tyres can fetch £2000 plus to five thousand on eBay and headlights alone from £600 per unit for latest technology NEON or LED lights this is not to mention the smaller parts like alternators and even bigger parts such as engines and interiors.

Stolen cars are often stolen to order to TWIN UP with bumped cars or change the identity of the stolen car to the accident damaged car that may have been bought from a salvage yard that can now be put back onto the road without any VIC (vehicle Identity check) that was previously done with VOSA up to the past few years when this was stopped and then CAR CRIME STARTED!

Don’t be a victim of crime secure your vehicle now with an immobiliser.

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Ghost Immobiliser II

The system protects your vehicle from key-cloning, key theft and hacking through a unique pin code that you choose to protect your vehicle.

  1. Protect your car with a unique PIN Code entered into the steering wheel or dashboard buttons
  2. Thieves can’t detect the Ghost Immobiliser II on a system
  3. No additional fobs or keys needed