Protect Your Vehicle With The Reaper Immobiliser

A discreet immobiliser that secures your vehicle against key cloning and relay theft using a secure tag. Without one of the the two tags present in the vehicle, it cannot be started, protecting your vehicle from theft. The Reaper Immobiliser also includes an optional tracking system.*

Why should you choose the Reaper Immobiliser?

Protect your vehicle with the Reaper Immobiliser and benefit from the following features:

2 in 1 Vehicle Security

Immobiliser and tracker*

Real-Time Tracking

Locate your vehicle in real-time on your mobile phone app.*

Live Traffic Updates

View live traffic updates on the tracking app including roadworks and accidents*

Geo-Fencing Alerts

Set geo-fencing so you get instant alerts when your car moves from a designated location*

No Codes

No codes or complicated button sequences to remember to start the vehicle

100% British Made

100% British made product – designed and sold exclusively in the United Kingdom

Exclusive To Us

Designed by 999 Vehicle Security and exclusively sold by us and installed by our team

Temporarily Disable

You can securely disable tags – to deactivate immobiliser for service, repair, or valet

Mobile As Tag

Mobile phone (multiple phones if required) can be used as a tag

Slimline Tags

X2 Slimline tags – one for everyday use and another for backup

Fits To Most Vehicles

Can be fitted to most petrol, diesel, and some hybrid vehicles. Also compatible with HGV’s, Motorhomes, Motorbikes, Quads and Plant Machinery.

Lifetime Warranty

The only UK immobiliser offering a Lifetime Warranty.

Deactivate When You Need To

Easily deactivate the Reaper if your car goes in for a service, MOT, repair or valet.

*When purchased with an upgraded tracking option for £8.99 per month.

Protect Your Vehicle From Key Cloning and Key Theft With The Reaper Immobiliser

The Reaper is an easy-to-use immobiliser that offers maximum security for your vehicle, without the need for complicated procedures or codes to remember. Your vehicle cannot be started without one of the two tags, that come as standard with the device, or your connected smartphone.

Unlike other immobilisers, the Reaper cannot be detected by thieves and other third parties.

Reaper Immobiliser Includes 2 Vehicle ID Tags & Smartphone App

The Reaper Immobiliser comes with 2 secure vehicle ID tags. To operate the Reaper and start your vehicle, all you need is one of the two tags that come as standard with the device or a smartphone paired as a tag. It’s that simple.

Avoid The Potential Issues & Annoyances Caused By Many Aftermarket Immobilisers

Many of the aftermarket immobilisers available in the UK rely on you entering and remembering a code every time you want to start the vehicle. This can cause significant issues when it comes to changing your code or when you need any repairs or servicing done to your vehicle.

With the Reaper Immobiliser there are no button sequences or codes to remember. The vehicle won’t start unless you have one of the two tags or a mobile phone that is paired and used as a tag in the vehicle.

The Reaper Also Includes Real-Time GPS Vehicle Tracking

The Reaper Immobiliser also includes a GPS vehicle tracking system so that you can locate your vehicle in real-time on your accompanying smart phone app. You can view the live location of your vehicle at any time and previously used routes as well as location history timelines and access instant notifications. Vehicle tracking is available with a subscription from £8.99 a month to activate the real-time GPS technology.

The Reaper Immobiliser provides incredible value as trackers often come as separate products and typically cost hundreds of pounds.

Receive Notifications When Your Vehicle Is Moved From A Set Location With Geo-Fencing Zones

With an active subscription, the Reaper tracking system allows you to create geo zones that can be drawn on the map around specific locations. Geofence zones act as virtual barriers that you can use to set up an alert if your vehicle enters or leaves an area. You could set up a geo-fencing zone around your house or your work to ensure that you notified in case your vehicle is moved without your authorisation. Geo zone alert will instantly notify you with a push notification, SMS or email.

See how easy it is for thieves to steal your vehicle

Car theft is a growing problem in the UK with over 57,000 cars stolen in the UK in 2022 alone. One method that thieves are currently using involves purchasing a key coding device from the internet.

The worrying thing about this device is that it costs just £125 to purchase and can be used to complete the theft in less than a minute. When a new key has been coded, the old key is automatically disabled, stopping you from being able to access your car.

The Reaper Immobiliser protects you from this type of theft with our innovative smart tag system.

The Reaper Immobiliser Tags Easily Fit Into Your Pocket

See the size comparison below to see how the Reaper tags easily fit into your pocket…

Protect your vehicle with the Reaper
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